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May 2012: Theodore Roussel (1847-1926)

Mayís monthly exhibition comprises a remarkable collection of prints by British artist Theodore Roussel (1847-1926). The collection was purchased in the 80s from Rousselís direct descendants who inherited it from the artistís studio. As a collection it represents a good cross-section of Roussel's oeuvre and is significant in its holding of rare proofs, including subjects that include runs of states, the most important being 24 states of 'Splash Point' . Of other note is a collection of frame sections and mounts and a small group of Roussel medium prints which have never been released on the market before.

Artist Biography

Theodore Roussel was born and educated in France. At the age of 31 he moved to England where he soon established his artistic reputation. In 1885 he was introduced to Whistler and the two became lifelong friends and moved in the same Chelsea circles. It was Whistler who introduced him to the techniques of etching and drypoint in 1888, mediums which he pursued relentlessly for the rest of his life. Constantly experimenting, Roussel was an early pioneer of the technique of colour etching in England. He exhibited at the Royal Society of British Artists, the New English Art Club and the International Society of Sculptors, Painters and Gravers. Roussel was also a founding member of the Allied Artistsí Association in 1908.

Works by Roussel can be found in the collections of the Tate Gallery, Victoria and Albert Museum, Metropolitan New York, Museum of Fine Arts Boston, National Gallery of Art Washington, Indianapolis Museum of Art, Minneapolis Institute of Arts and Harvard University.

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Roussel, Theodore (1847-1926), 'Bank Holiday, Corner of Beaufort Street, Chelsea', Etching, 1888-1889.
Roussel, Theodore (1847-1926), 'Chelsea Palaces (Black and White Version), Etching, 1888-1889.
Roussel, Theodore (1847-1926), 'The Steam Launch, Chelsea Embankment', Etching, 1888-1889
Roussel, Theodore (1847-1926), ' Pleasure Boats, Chelsea', Etching, 1888-1889
Roussel, Theodore (1847-1926), 'The Street, Chelsea Embankment', Etching, 1888-1889.
Roussel, Theodore (1847-1926), ' The Corner of Cheyne Walk, Chelsea', Etching, 1888-1889.
Roussel, Theodore (1847-1926), 'The Corner of Cheyne Walk, Chelsea', Etching, 1888-1889.
Roussel, Theodore (1847-1926), 'A Corner of Hyde Park', Drawing, 1889
Roussel, Theodore (1847-1926), 'Laburnums at Battersea', Etching, 1889/1890 and 1898
Roussel, Theodore (1847-1926), 'Portrait of Mrs. Cyprian Williams in Fancy Dress', Drypoint, 1890
Roussel, Theodore (1847-1926), 'Portrait of Mrs Cyprian William in Fancy Dress', Drypoint, 1890.
Roussel, Theodore (1847-1926). 'Portrait of Margery Chambers, Aged Ten Weeks', Drypoint, 1890.
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