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July 2011 : Gordon House's 'Whale Portfolio' Linocuts

July's monthly exhibition comprises the complete set of 6 linocuts by Gordon House for his 'Whale Portfolio' of 1991.

Gordon House described these linocuts in his catalogue 'Gordon House Editions 1982-1996':

'A series set of linocuts inspired by an item of Japanese lacquer ware. These prints were made with an exhibition in mind which later took place in the heart of Japan. Since my student days I have cherished a deep appreciation of the works of the great Japanese masters, particularly those of the Edo period which led me back to the early historic works and then forward to the visual outputs of contemporary Japan. Here in the West i became aware that Korin and Hokusai with Utamaro stood beside Michaelangelo and Rembrandt. The wealth of history and philosophy documented in the arts of Japan in so many forms and media; landscape/gardens, architecture, ornament, metal and lacquer design to present-day technoogy has added so much to my understanding. Japan's advances give an insight into the future for all creative artists in pursuit of visual expression.'

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House, Gordon (1992-2004), 'Double Wave (Whale Portfolio)', Linocut, 1991.
House, Gordon (1932-2004), 'Deep Circle (Whale Portfolio)', Linocut, 1991.
House, Gordon (1932-2004), 'Dorsal Red (Whale Portfolio)', Linocut, 1991.
House, Gordon (1932-2004), 'Ocean Traveller (Whale Portfolio)', Linocut, 1991.
House, Gordon (1932-2004), 'Mirror Grey (Whale Portfolio)', Linocut, 1991.
House, Gordon (1932-2004), 'Moby Blue (Whale Portfolio)', Linocut, 1991.
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