Arman, Fernandez (1928-2005), 'Tortured Colour', 1968.

'Tortured Colour', 1968.

A classic Arman piece. Includes the materials (plexiglas, paint tube, bolts) and instructions needed to assemble your very own 'instant tortured color'.

The paint in the tube is to be placed between the Plexiglass sheets and then compressed using the corner screws to the point where it explodes. Sold in original plastic bag.

Arman stated in an interview 'I belong more to the conceptual than to the instinctive...Before it became a vision I have an idea. For instance, some months ago I had the idea...when I was pushing a tube, how it could be the fact if I don't press the tube myself, it's mechanically made, because my pressing of the tube when I press a tube of painting, theres my gesture, my rhythm. I thought if it was just made mechanically, how that's look. And I started to speak about it to friends with some ideas, and for finish after a long time of speaking, turning the idea over in my mind, making small sketches sometimes of the operation, I made a tortured color tube. It's pressed between two Plexiglas with screws and wing nuts. But, before I made the first one, I had to have a clear idea of how it would look'.

Published by the Letter Edged in Black Press in 1968 in an edition of approx 1500-2000 as part of William Copley's S.M.S. portfolio project.

Size: 14 x 12.7 cm (dimensions of plexiglass sheets)

Collection: MOMA (NY), Brooklyn Museum, Cleveland Museum of Art.