Ayrton, Michael (1921-1975), 'Consecrated (Minotaur)', Etching, 1971

'Consecrated (Minotaur)', Etching, 1971


Signed and numbered by the artist in pencil. From the edition of 75.

From the 'Minotaur' suite of ten etchings.

Beginnning in 1961, Michael Ayrton wrote and created many works associated with the myths of the Minotaur and Daedalus, the legendary inventor and maze builder. Works include bronze sculpture, the pseudo-autobiographical novel 'The Maze Maker' (1967), and the 'Minotaur' Etchings (1971).

Image Size
Paper Size 59 x 77.5 cm
Literature Fuse, London, No. 2, November 1971;
Peter Cannon-Brookes 'Michael Ayrton: An Illustrated Commentary', City Museums and Art Gallery, Birmingham, 1978, pp. 93, 98-99, illustrated
Justine Hopkins 'Michael Ayrton: A Biography', Andre Deutsch, London, 1994, pp. 358, 360
Jacob E. Nyenhuis'Myth and the Creative Process: Michael Ayrton and the Myth of Daedalus, the Maze Maker', Wayne State University Press, Detroit, 2003, pp. 182-183 (illustrated, figures 216-226), 284 (cat. 6726-735)

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