Chagall, Marc (1887-1985), 'Printemps' or 'Spring, Lithograph, 1938

'Printemps' or 'Spring, Lithograph, 1938

Lithograph from the series ‘The Four Seasons’ issued in the deluxe French art review Verve. Printed by Mourlot and published by Teriade in 1938 in an edition of c. 2000.

The Lithograph shows a goat playing a violin with a girl holding a bouquet perching on his shoulder. This was a subject seen in several Chagall works - notably his painting 'La Mariée' - an ode to young love - which depicts a girl in wedding attire being serenaded by a goat.

Chagall stated in an interview: 'I often represent goats and violins in my paintings because in my religion, Judaism, the goat is often used as a sacrifice for God in the Old Testament, but I was also struck by different paintings for example Goya’s “Caprichos” where there are a lot of hybrid images like the man that seems a donkey .When I was a child I had violin lessons with a next door neighbour and I wanted to become a violinist because the violin, used by east-European klezmer Jewish is an instrument that shows love and happiness to other people.'

Paper Size 35.3 x 26 cm