Christo (b.1935), 'Storefront', 1968.

'Storefront', 1968.

Mylar and heavy paper multiple which is in effect an instruction drawing for a Christo store front - the hinging of the piece allows the exterior and interior to be viewed separately or as one (through the transparent 'windows').

Size: 27.4 x 17.1 cm

'Between 1964 and 1967 Christo created a series of architectural scale sculptures in the shape of store fronts. They were an extension of the 1962 Show Cases and the 1963 Show Windows. Unlike his previous works he used both the inner space and the outer space. In commercial store fronts the exterior facade is made for interior display. In Christo's Store Fronts, the life size glass windows are partially covered, on the inside surface of the glass, with either fabric, paint or wrapping paper, therefore not allowing the standing or walking viewer to see the inside space, but still wonder about the content of the inside space which is illuminated and slightly visible.'