Constable, John (1776-1837), 'English Landscape Scenery', Mezzotint, 1830 -1832

'English Landscape Scenery', Mezzotint, 1830 -1832

Complete set of David Lucas's 'English Landscape Scenery'.

21 Mezzotints out of the set of 22, lacking Weymouth, all in published form, comprising:

-East Bergholt, Suffolk. Frontispiece, Paternal House and Grounds of the Artist-Evening
-Autumnal Sun Set
-Summer Morning
-Summer Evening
-A Dell, Helmingham Park
-A Heath
-A Seabeach
-Stoke by Nayland
-Mill Stream

-A Lock on the Stour
-Old Sarum
-A Summerland
-River Stour
-A Mill
-Summer Afternoon, After a Shower
-The Glebe Farm
-Hadleigh Castle
-Hampstead Heath, vignette

The set of 'English Landscape Scenery' is amongst the greatest examples in the history of the English print of the creative use of mezzotint. It is also an extraordinary illustration of the co-operation which is possible between two artists.

Constable wanted to work in mezzotint as it was a medium which he felt would bring out to the full, the concept of the 'chiaroscuro of nature' which is central to his art. Since he did no feel capable himself of the working the plates he collaborated with a young and very gifted engraver David Lucas. They developed a unique working arrangement. Lucas worked up a first proof from a constable sketch, Constable then retouched every aspect of the proof, and of a series of subsequent proofs, until he was entirely satisfied with every nuance of light, shade and atmosphere.