Gill, Eric (1882-1940), 'Procreant Hymn', 9 Copper Plates, 1926.

'Procreant Hymn', 9 Copper Plates, 1926.

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Nine copper plates for the 'Procreant Hymn' by E. Powys Mathers, originally published by The Golden Cockerel Press in 1926.

In the 1926 publication there were just five illustrations - ‘God Sending’, ‘Earth Waiting’, ‘Earth Inviting’, ‘Dalliance’ and ‘Earth Receiving’. However the publisher included an advertisement for alternative plates available to subscribers individually. These alternative plates follow the composition of the published versions but the male and female figures are presented in a state of realism which would clearly have been unexpected (and, in many quarters, unacceptable) at that time. Our set includes the five published versions as well as the four alternative plates.

Plates comprise:
-'God Sending' (P.359)
-'Earth Waiting' (P.360)
-'Earth Inviting' (P.361) - this plate has a second design on the reverse, 'Yahoo' (P.411)
-'Dalliance' (P.362)
-'Earth Receiving' (P.363)
-'God Sending (Alternative)' (P.364)
-'Earth Inviting (Alternative)' (P.365)
-'Earth Wrestling' (P.366)
-'Earth Receiving (Alternative)' (P.367)

Reference: Physick 359-367, & 411.