Hamilton, Richard (1922-2011), 'Marcel Duchamp / Oculist Witnesses', Poster, 1968

'Marcel Duchamp / Oculist Witnesses', Poster, 1968

Edition size unknown.

Published by Petersburg Press, London.

Bears printed text on the reverse:

'MARCEL DUCHAMP The 'Oculist witnesses' a detail from the reconstruction by Richard Hamilton of the large glass 'The bride stripped bare by her bachelors, even' Petersburg Press London'
© Petersburg Press London 1968 Printed in England

Richard Hamilton became an avid follower of Duchamp after first seeing his work in a 1952 Tate Gallery exhibition. Inspired, Hamilton began a project to translate Duchamp’s Green Box into English. In 1966 Richard Hamilton made a replica of Duchamp’s famous 1915 work ‘The Bride Stripped Bare by her Bachelors, Even’ also known as ‘The Large Glass’ for the Tate Gallery Duchamp retrospective, as the original was too fragile to be moved from its home at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Duchamp visited London to collaborate on this project, he even co-signed Hamilton's replica as a joint work, and Hamilton took the photograph featured on this poster of Duchamp (through the sheet of glass bearing the oculist witnesses) at his studio in Hurst Avenue in Highgate. One of Hamilton's fiberglass Guggenheim Museum reliefs can be viewed to the right.

The poster is printed using very sophisticated techniques, with a layer of clear polyester over the glass and an embossed silver layering for the oculist witnesses.

Paper Size: 80 x 58.5 cm