Hitchens, Ivon (1893-1979), 'Still Life', Lithograph, 1938

'Still Life', Lithograph, 1938

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From the second series of ‘Contemporary Lithographs’. Printed by Curwen Press and published by Contemporary Lithographs Ltd in March 1938.

This piece is the only example of a hand-drawn lithograph in Hitchen’s oeuvre.

‘Contemporary Lithographs was a pioneering scheme set up by Robert Wellington, who had helped make Zwemmer's the centre for modern art in the 1930s, and the artist John Piper. Their inspiration was to take good quality prints into schools across Britain. Together they commissioned and produced two series of prints, with in some cases Piper taking on the task of coaching artists who were not familiar with the auto-lithography process. They involved many of the Zwemmer artists, as well as their own friends: Edward Bawden, the Nash brothers, Eric Ravilious, Graham Sutherland and John Piper himself’- Ruth Artmonsky