Hockney, David (b.1937), 'Igor Stravinsky Metropolitan Opera', Screenprint, 1981

'Igor Stravinsky Metropolitan Opera', Screenprint, 1981

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Printed at Petersburg Press

Original poster advertising Igor Stravinsky at the Metropolitan Opera in New York, a triple bill including ‘Le Sacre du Printemps’, ‘Le Rossignol’ and ‘Oedipus Rex’. As well as this poster Hockney designed the stage sets and costumes for the production.

Eric Shanes wrote of this poster, one of the few complete Hockney poster designs, 'From 1982 dates the brilliantly effective Stravinsky triple-bill poster for the New York Metropolitan Opera House's production of The Rite of Spring, Le Rossignol and Oedipus Rex. In keeping with the nature of these ballets and single-act operas, from top to bottom Hockney gives us a child-like - and thus suitably 'primitive' - face, a Chinese-like blue and white face (with its undertones of Ming ceramics) and a classical Greek-like head, which incorporates the imagery of a tragic mask. In this work Hockney's characteristic eclecticism is employed to powerful visual effect.'

Paper Size: 96.2 x 43 cm
Reference: ‘Off the Wall: Hockney Posters’ catalogue number 104