House, Gordon (1932-2004), 'A Beginning' (FLW/Highbury Portfolio), Coloured Electronic Transfer, 1987

'A Beginning' (FLW/Highbury Portfolio), Coloured Electronic Transfer, 1987

From the set of ten coloured electronic transfers which comprise the FLW/Highbury Portfolio. Proof aside from the edition of 15 on 200gsm paper. Editioned at Highbury Studio, London.

House wrote of the FLW/Highbury Portfolio:

'In 1977 I was privileged with a one-man exhibition to show gouaches and prints at a gallery on Michigan Avenue in Chicago. To visit such a city, for a welsh lad originally from a confined small valley in South Wales, was totally overwhelming. It gave me a rich interest in the visible works of architects as seen on that awe-inspiring lakeside skyline, Sullivan, Wright etc.

I have since on many occasions thought of that city, often referring again to illustrated references of architectural details impossible to comprehend on such a short visit.

My Lloyd Wright portfolio salutes those architects for their achievements, along with fond thoughts of practicing architects locally in Highbury who with their associates and colleagues continue as all those other working studios elsewhere'.

Sheet Size 42 x 29 cm
Reference 'Gordon House Editions 1982-1996' pages 20-21