House, Gordon (1932-2004), 'Circle E', Screenprint, 1971

'Circle E', Screenprint, 1971


Edition: 75

This is from a series of prints House composed on ‘A vertical double grid with an emphasis on an elevated design similar to the rich Viennese work of the period; Mahler, Olbrich, Hoffman, Moser and Klimt. A time when many art forms were integrated. Music flowed through architecture, painting and all aspects of design. One is aghast at such energy seen in results from sound filling an orchestral hall to a balanced fork and spoon on a beautiful dining table. With the 1900 Turin exhibition the work of the Scottish School, led by McIntosh, links internationally these remarkable art forms of the period’. The prints also ‘represent an ongoing number of variations on a decorative scheme, the basis of which is an equation on the simple grid of area divided as an imposed printer’s metal chase or Gothic leaded window idea with all restrained programme use of printed sequence related to its own scale and timing’.

Image Size 86.3 x 43.5 cm
Collection Tate Gallery, London
Reference 'Gordon House Editions (1961-1981): A Complete Catalogue of the Graphic Works', Cat No. 51