House, Gordon (1932-2004), 'Eight Red Arcs', Screenprint, 1964

'Eight Red Arcs', Screenprint, 1964

Printed at the Kelpra Studio, London. Signed, numbered and dated by the artist in pencil. With printed grey text ‘ICA Print Screenprinted by Kelpra Studio’ lower left. From the edition of 40.

This work was produced for a portfolio of screenprints, the ‘ICA Screen-Print Project’, commissioned by the ICA in 1963. The idea for the project came from Richard Hamilton who selected 24 artists, including Gordon House and Paolozzi, to each produce a screenprint with Chris Prater at Kelpra. The completed portfolio was exhibited at the ICA in Dover Street from the 10th to the 28th of November 1964. This exhibition was instrumental in demonstrating that screenprinting should no longer be viewed solely as a commercial process to be limited to cheaper forms of advertising and instead was a valid process for the production of fine art. Screenprinting later became the dominant fine art printing process of the sixties.

Gordon House described this print as “A play of asymmetric proportion with directional rhythm related to a frieze-like pattern repeated image with adjacent reflected opposites. An idea of the registration problems within the process was exploited in the final design. This image also carries an interest in basic hand-applied stencil designs as in commercially used advertising motifs or design illustrations during the 1800s and at the turn of the century seen in such volumes as ‘A Grammar of Ornament’ by Owen Jones, the publications and work of Dr Christopher Dresser and the interior embellishments by Morris, Burges and McIntosh. In our time, painted transfers and spray stencils are used; the results can be seen on vehicles using our roads and motorways rather than those earlier domestic interiors”.

Image Size 25.5 x 51.1 cm
Reference 'Gordon House Editions (1961-1981): A Complete Catalogue of the Graphic Works', Cat. No. 6
Collection Tate Gallery, London, and The British Council