House, Gordon (1932-2004), 'Orange', Screenprint, 1961

'Orange', Screenprint, 1961

Rare artist's proof aside from the edition of 5. Published by the artist and printed at the Kelpra Studio, London.

This work is from the very first series of prints ever produced by Gordon House. It holds a particular interest in the broader history of the printmaking revolution which took place in Britain in the 1960s as the prints from this series are also the very first fine art screenprints ever produced at Kelpra.

The artist wrote of this series, 'These prints were made, thanks to Chris and Rose Prater, in 1961 at Kelpra Studio, London by the screen mesh process. The simple square target image was chosen as a basic format which allowed a proportion of image to overlap when two printings were made. A neutral and a single colour were selected with view to a third overprint development directly found through the printed process. At this time after academic painting studies my ideas were formed in the direction of producing works devoid of acquired marks, complexity of motif or space illusion. These thoughts have since given way to a flood of motif possibilities from various sources along with spontaneous marks, although later results still hinge on these earlier basic restraints'.

Image Size 40.4 x 39.4 cm
Reference 'Gordon House Editions (1961-1981): A Complete Catalogue of the Graphic Works', Cat. No. 4
Collection Tate Gallery, London