House, Gordon (1932-2004), 'Dial Set Three', Screenprint, 1966

'Dial Set Three', Screenprint, 1966

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Printed at the Kelpra Studio, London. Published by Marlborough Graphics in an edition of 70.

Gordon House wrote that the 'Dial Set' series of six screenprints explored 'the simple division of the old familiar clock/watch dial prior to digital time. The circular division of twelve allowing for suggestions of advertising and other media forms mostly from magazines and signs. An interest in photographic interpretation led me to the idea that the negative and positive aspect of the image could be explored through this particular design. The tight linear grid is used in positive and negative states with a reduction in scale so that overprintings evolve towards a complex pattern from the initial simple shape. Although the programme was predetermined, intuitive decisions were allowed for as proofing occurred.

Image Size 52 x 52 cm
Paper Size 69 x 68.6 cm
Reference 'Gordon House Editions (1961-1981): A Complete Catalogue of the Graphic Works', Cat. No. 15
Collection Tate Gallery, London