Lichtenstein, Roy (1923-1997), 'Hat', Offset Lithograph, 1968

'Hat', Offset Lithograph, 1968

Vinyl sheet lithographed in red, yellow, blue and white, and hand-folded to form a tri-cornered hat. Published by the Letter Edged in Black Press for the S.M.S. Portfolios. Printed by Omega Graphics, New York, in collaboration with Bernard Reitkopf in an edition of approximately 1500-2000.

‘Roy Lichtenstein’s red, white and blue folded print, a tri-cornered hat that the artist thinks of as an art deco boat as well. Its three dimensional structure is related to the freestanding printed ‘Pyramid’ (cat 62) of the same year'.

‘Lichtenstein pointed out that the image is both a boat and a hat' - Lichtenstein interview with Fine, August 11, 1993

Size 18.4 x 36.1 cm
Reference Corlett III 9

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