'Les Bijoux Indiscrets', Lithograph, 1963

Printed by Mourlot and published by San Lazzaro in 'XXe Siècle' in an edition of c. 2000. There was also a pencil signed and numbered edition of 75 published in the same year.

This is Magritte's first lithograph. Magritte did not start making prints until he was 63, and consequently did not produce many editions as he died prematurely at the age of 68. Kaplan and Baum include just 20 works in their catalogue raisonné of Magritte's graphic work, and of those 20 only 6 were printed from lithographic stones or copperplates upon which Magritte worked directly making this a very important print.

The English translation of the title is 'The Indiscreet Jewels'. Magritte chose the title of this lithograph as a reference to Denis Diderot's first novel 'Les Bijoux Indiscrets' that was published anonymously in 1748.

Excellent condition with good strong colours.

Image Size 23.4 x 30.2 cm
Paper Size 24.2 cm x 31.5 cm
Reference Kaplan, Gilbert E. and Timothy Baum, 'The Graphic Work of René Magritte', New York: II EDITIONS, 1982, no. 3
Collections National Gallery of Art, Washington

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