Mai 68, 'Journal Mural Nixon La Peste', Screenprint, 1968

'Journal Mural Nixon La Peste', Screenprint, 1968

Translation: Wall Newspaper - Nixon the pest

Bearing stamp 'Groupe de Lettres Classiques Sorbonne'.

"In all we produced five numbers of this wall newspaper under the symbol of the clenched fist. Our aim was to inform. We wanted to print the truth about the people's struggle, and to give news which the bourgeois press hides or distorts. The news for the paper is collected either directly from the workers or from their strike committees, or from the militants of the Action Committees, themselves being in direct contact with the workers. The wall newspaper therefore has the same objective as the posters: to inform all the workers and the population about each particular struggle, to propagate information and slogans arising from the struggle and serving the struggle" - Quotation Atelier Populaire (Posters From The Revolution Paris, May 1968, Dobson 1969)

Paper Size 91 x 65 cm

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