Mai 68, 'Pouvoir Populaire Révolutionnaire', Screenprint, 1968

'Pouvoir Populaire Révolutionnaire', Screenprint, 1968


Translation: People power - revolutionary


This poster uses a photo of striking workers at the Renault Billancourt factory.

"The photographic posters of the Atelier Populaire were produced with the photo-silkscreen or an opaque projector. The photo-silkscreen entailed the direct exposure of the silkscreen by the photographic source image, while the opaque projector involved manually tracing a projected photograph on paper and then transferring it onto the silkscreen template. In early June, Éric Seydoux and artist Éric Beynon procured the emulsion and equipment necessary for the production of photo-silkscreens. In their first efforts they used a glass passageway at the École des beaux-arts to expose photosensitised screens with images of striking workers." - quotation Liam Considine, 'Screen Politics: Pop Art and the Atelier Populaire', Tate Papers

Paper Size 84 x 134 cm
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