Martin, John (1789-1854), 'Eve at the Fountain', Mezzotint, 1824-1825

'Eve at the Fountain', Mezzotint, 1824-1825

"Martin's scenes of Heaven, with their open panoramic views of vast parklike landscapes topped by gleaming mountains are in complete contrast with the enclosed blackness of his scenes of hell. Here we find Eve startled by the first sight of her own reflection:

Paradise Lost, Book IV

I first awaked, and found myself reposed
Under a shade on flowers, much wondering where
And what I was, whence thither brought, and how.

Not distant far from thence a murmuring sound
Of waters issued from a cave, and spread
Into a liquid plane, then stood unmoved
Pure as the expanse of Heaven; I thither went
With unexperienced thought, and laid me down
On the green bank, to look into the clear
Smooth lake, that to me seemed another sky.
As i bent down to look, just opposite
A shape within the watery gleam appeared,
Bending to look on me: I started back,
It started back; but pleased I still returned,...

Image Size 19 x 27.3 cm
Plate Size 26.1 x 35.5 cm
Paper Size 33.4 x 49.3 cm
Reference C.W.34

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