Nolan, Sidney (1917-1992), 'Dust Series', Etching, 1971

'Dust Series', Etching, 1971

Etching in reddish brown ink from the ‘Dust’ series published in 1971. Proof aside from the edition of 60, printed at the White Ink Studio, London.

‘Dust’ was a suite of 25 etchings based on a series of earlier prints and drawings of Ned Kelly and scenes from the Australian outback that Nolan produced in the late 40s and early 50s.

‘These were done on rather thick copper plates and were etched quite deeply; There is quite a trench...I forget just how deep it was, but more than a thirty-second of an inch. It’s quite deep, so that when the ink is rolled on - or in - it comes out very embossed. You can run your fingers over it and feel a distinct bump. It looks the opposite of the scrape-method I use to get transparency; the shimmering light in the centre of Australia, by scraping back the crayons and washing with quick-drying dyes...but you still get something of the same interpenetration of light.’

- Sidney Nolan, 21st of April 1978.

Sidney Nolan presented a complete set of the ‘Dust’ etchings to the Queensland Art Gallery in 1978. Lady Nolan also presented a complete set to the National Gallery of Victoria.

Image Size 25 x 29.9 cm
Paper Size 64.7 x 48 cm
Provenance Cliff White (master printer at White Ink)

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