Palmer, Samuel (1805-1881), 'The Opening of the Fold', Etching, 1880

'The Opening of the Fold', Etching, 1880

A beautiful proof impression, printed on Japan paper, with the Remarque. Inscribed ’Remarque Trial Proof, Private Press.’ (In A.H. Palmer’s hand?)
‘Bitings began on16th of August 1880, and were eleven in number before the first proof was taken. The reception of this, Palmer’s last finished etching, was, once again, cordial. Mr Hamerton wrote of it:- It seems to me that this is the most completely beautiful of all Samuel Palmer’s etchings. It is full of air and space, the eye wanders over it for miles, and yet at the same time there is a sweet solemnity in it… .’

(V&A catalogue of an exhibition of Drawings, Etchings & Woodcuts by Samuel Palmer and other Disciples of William Blake, 1926)

Scarce with her rosy fingers had the dawn
From glimmering heaven the vale of night withdrawn,
Or folded flocks were loose to browse anew,
O’er mountain thyme of trefoil wet with dew,
When leaning sad on olive stem beside,
These, his last numbers, hapless Damon plied.

Virgil’s Eclogue viii 

Published in a later state, in 'An English Version of the Eclogues of Virgil', in 1883.

Images Size 11.9 x 17.3 cm&
Plate Size 16.3 x 23.1 cm&
Paper Size 26.9 x 34 cm
Reference Alexander 13 iii/viii. Trial proof.

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