Palmer, Samuel (1805-1881), 'The Weary Ploughman, Etching, 1858

'The Weary Ploughman, Etching, 1858

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A exceptional, brilliant, proof validating Alexander’s observation that ‘The pattern proof from which this state is described is extremely beautiful, and shows that the plate could have yielded much better proofs than those of the published (eighth) state.’

The subject of the ploughman,…with his yoke, weary and slow, catching the first glimpse of the little twinkling lattice among the chestnuts and oaks, where supper awaits him’, forms a link with the Italianate ‘Early Ploughman’ who is shown at the beginning of his day’s labour as the sun rises behind a copse of cypresses.

It is rare to find such a superbly printed impression which sparkles with light and and presents the etching with the intensity and poetry for which Palmer was striving.

Images Size 13.1 x 20 cm
Plate Size 19.2 x 26 cm
Paper Size 27 x 36 cm
Reference Alexander 8 vii/viii. Trial proof

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