Roussel, Theodore (1847-1926), 'Portrait of Basil Gotto', Etching, 1901-1905

'Portrait of Basil Gotto', Etching, 1901-1905

It is the sole example, among Roussel's prints, of a portrait plate intended for colour printing. While designed to be printed in colours, only black and white impressions have been located.

One touched impression in the B.M is recorded. This may be the only other impression in this state.
Very rare.

A proof of the second state is in the British Museum.

A second, similar, plate exists which was transferred from the first plate. Three proofs are known.

Basil Gotto, born in London in 1866, was a painter and sculptor.

Image/Plate Size 27.9 x 18.9 cm
Paper Size 29.5 x 20 cm
Reference H.153,  State i/ii

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