Roussel, Theodore (1847-1926), 'Summer (Colour Version), Colour etching, aquatint and lavis, 1890-1900

'Summer (Colour Version), Colour etching, aquatint and lavis, 1890-1900

Printed from four copper plates, steel faced.

Trimmed to the image and mounted on the 'Shell Pattern Mount (N0.168)

One of 22 complete impressions.

Meg Hausberg affirms….‘Roussel began to work on the composition for 'Summer' as early as 1888, when he etched two smaller monochrome plates of the same title (Nos 4 and 5). The earlier plates were executed in pure etching. 

For the later plate , Roussel also used two of the grounds he perfected for printing in colour. The pose of the model, Hetty Pettigrew, with her opened fan, is the same in both versions. Although this print was "finished" for the exhibition at Goupil's in 1899, Roussel later altered Plate 1. He burnished out two small patched of the fan. The fourth state of Plate 1 was definitely made after the beginning of September 1900, because an impression of the third state in the British Museum is inscribed "State of this plate on Monday Sept, 10th 1900". The many "proofs", recorded as 53,  of state iv of the Plate 1 were made after the change of the state, probably at the end of 1900.’ (Hausberg, M. 'The Prints of Theodore Roussel', Bronxville, New York, 1991. P.165)

There were six printings for the final prints and six tones were used.

Various proofs were exhibited at Goupil Gallery, the Strand, 1899:-
No.1. Frame. Proof. Trial of colour.  

No.2 State iii, printed in black.  

No.3. State iv, trial for flesh tone on black.   

No.4. State v.  

No.5. State vi, on its mount, printed light.  

No.6. On  mount. Final proof dark.  

No.7.  Ditto

When this print was offered for sale at Goupil's in July 1899, it was priced as 18 guineas mounted and 25 guineas frames. It was framed in the Lotus Pattern Frame (No.162). 

Image size 16.7 x 12.2cm
Mount Size 37.7 x 29.2cm
Proveance The artist's estate

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