Samuel Palmer (1805-81) was one of Britain's greatest artists. In 1850, at the age of forty-five, he took up etching. In the same year he was elected to membership of the Etching Club, and he continued to work in this medium for the rest of his life. Palmer worked his plates elaborately, achieving rich and complex effects. He was also very demanding at the printers at the production stage. One printer complained he would 'sooner see the Devil himself than Palmer with a plate to proof'.

-Quotation British Museum

In his lifetime Palmer completed just thirteen etchings, in addition four others were left unfinished at the time of his death and were completed by his son.

Lister 1. 'The Willow' (1850)
Lister 2. 'The Skylark' (1850)
Lister 3. 'The Herdsman's Cottage' or 'Sunset' (1850)
Lister 4. 'Christmas' or 'Folding the Last Sheep' (1850)
Lister 5. 'The Vine' or 'Plumpy Bacchus' (1852)
Lister 6. 'The Sleeping Shepherd; Early Morning' (1857)
Lister 7. 'The Rising Moon' or 'An English Pastoral' (1857)
Lister 8. 'The Weary Ploughman' or 'The Herdsman' or 'Tardus Bubulcus' (begun 1858)
Lister 9. 'The Early Ploughman' or 'The Morning Spread Upon the Mountains' (begun before 1861)
Lister 10. 'The Morning of Life' (begun 1860-1)
Lister 11. 'The Bellman' (completed 1879)
Lister 12. 'The Lonely Tower' (completed 1879)
Lister 13. 'Opening the Fold' or 'Early Morning' (1880)

Lister 14. 'The Homeward Star' (published 1883, 1884)
Lister 15. 'The Cypress Grove' (published 1883, 1884)
Lister 16. 'The Sepulchre' (published 1883, 1884)
Lister 17. 'Moeris and Galatea' (published 1883, 1884)

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