Lukas Renlund was born in 1984 in Vasa, Finland. In 2005 he moved to London where he studied photography at the London College of Fashion. His editorial work has been featured in a number of distinguished publications including ELLE, Zoot Magazine, Euroman and Ud & Se. Other recent clients include Lexus, Copenhagen (MLA) and Warner Music, Denmark. Renlund was recently nominated for Best Fashion Photography in the fourth annual Black and White Spider Awards, the leading international award honoring excellence in black and white photography. Lukas Renlund currently lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Press Release for 'Mirror Universe' 2009 solo show at the Vyner Street Gallery, London

Lukas Renlund is one of the most exciting figures of the new generation of up and coming young photographers to emerge on the fashion scene in recent years. Although the primary purpose of the fashion photograph is to promote cutting-edge clothing and style, Renlund’s creations exemplify how the traditional boundaries between fashion and art have gradually dissolved allowing for works that are simultaneously among the most imaginative and multifaceted images currently being created in the photographic field today.

Renlund explores the line between the surreal and the ordinary in his oeuvre. Whether taking inspiration from art history and the masterpieces of René Magritte (La Révolution Surréaliste) or climbing a 15 metre high crane with his camera to see things from a new perspective (Graphoscapes), he consistently strives to make the viewer question their first perceptions and look beyond the surface of the photographs.

The works in this exhibition combine a distinct graphic sensibility with an intuitive drive towards refinement and technical finesse. Renlund injects a spirit of spontaneity and playfulness into his compositions, both through his choice of props and pose when in the studio or by utilizing the natural features of the landscape and the play of light to his advantage when on location. These photographs walk the line between elegance and edge and together demonstrate Renlund’s idiosyncratic and innovative creative vision.