Joseph Mallord William Turner (RA) was born in London on the 23rd of April 1775. During his long career, of over fifty years, he produced a vast array of landscapes in oil, watercolour and print, inspired by the scenery seen on his extensive travels in Britain and Europe. He was avidly championed by the critic John Ruskin who named him Ďthe father of modern artí and his achievement in elevating the genre of landscape painting to the same stature as that of history painting sealed his reputation as one the great British masters. Turner died in London on the 19th of December 1851 at the age of seventy six.

The Turner Collection

As well as the single prints available on this website Gerrish Fine Art has a unique collection of over 1200 Turner prints which has taken over a quarter of a century to form and is comparable to most of the museum print holdings, of Turner, in the Western World. It is thought to be the only collection of such significance to be owned privately and offers a unique opportunity to acquire not only an almost complete study collection of Turnerís imagery but also a comprehensive representation of the artistís printmaking.††

The collection comprises over twelve hundred prints including:
-129 Etchings.
-371 Engraverís Proofs.
-16 Touched Proofs.
-Over 400 First States.
-47 Proofs for the Curious
-100 Prints from The Liber Studiorum

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Available Works