Yoshijiro Urushibara (1889-1953), also known as ‘Mokuchu’, was born in Tokyo. He travelled to London as a young man along with several other Japanese woodcut artists to demonstrate printmaking at the 1910 Anglo-Japanese Exhibition. After the exhibition closed he stayed on in London taking a job at the British Museum producing and restoring prints and also mounting scrolls. He went on to carve out a career as a printmaker on his own working in both France and England, it was during this period he produced his collaborative prints with Brangwyn. He returned to Japan in 1934 as the threat of war grew and remained there until his death in 1953.

Urushibara had a profound influence on European colour printmakers and even taught many of the key figures of the European colour print movement such as Walter J Phillips and Allen Seaby. He is known in particular for his intricate flower and wildlife prints as well as his landscapes.

The British Museum in London has a major holding of his woodcuts.

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