Roussel, Theodore (1847-1926), 'A Study By Lamplight', Transfer Lithograph, 1890-1894.

'A Study By Lamplight', Transfer Lithograph, 1890-1894.

It is thought that Whistler introduced Roussel to transfer lithography and the Ways, master printers. Roussel made a series of transfer lithographs, drawn on specially prepared paper and then transferred to the stone. This enabled the artist to avoid drawing directly onto a cumbersome lithographic stone. The prints were exhibited at Dowdswell’s in 1894. They are now very scarce.

Transfer lithograph.

Printed on laid paper. Total printing about 30 impressions.
One of four lamplight studies of Hetty Pettigrew. She was also drawn by Whistler in both pastel and lithography.

Collections: BM, GLASGOW, MMA

Reference: H. 169

Size:190 x 155 mm


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