Tilson, Joe (b.1928), 'Kelpra Prints', Screenprint and Collage, 1970

'Kelpra Prints', Screenprint and Collage, 1970


Signed in pencil by Joe Tilson (lower left) and Christopher Prater (lower right).

A screen printed portrait in yellow and orange ink of Christopher Prater - founder of the Kelpra Studio London by Joe Tilson. With photos collaged along the top edge of Chris Prater, Dennis Francis, Graham Henderson, Bernard, Douglas Corker and Rose Prater (co-founder of Kelpra).

Produced for the 1970 Arts Council exhibition 'Kelpra Prints: A Selection of Screenprints produced at Kelpra Studio' held at the Hayward Gallery 17 June - 7 July 1970.

Paper Size 76 x 55.7 cm

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